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Be a local artist for a day
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 Be Local Be Artist

DASTA in collaboration with Innovator, creating creative tourism: an inventory of unique local experiences- "Be a local artist for a day" campaign

     We believe that not everyone is a creative traveller, but we also believe that every walk of life is driven by inspirations and positive energy to pursue happiness. The project has been initiated as a mechanism to transform tourism in Thailand. Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Development or known as DASTA is working in collaboration amongst diverse entities -Community Innovation Agency (CIA), designers, Boutiquestay platform, Credit card -KTC).

     We dream big and just start our journey “one step at the time”. This innovative co-created campaign is designed with an intention to create impacts from END to END of the entire tourism value chain. We believed that radical transformations made from the campaign advocate creative tourism philosophy and shared values which are to create impacts and make a better tourism (not more tourism).

     The team has travelled through 37 villages; these are situated in the 9 designated areas (provinces) in Thailand. A 2-year journey of searching for the soul of locality, the craftsmanship they did not know they have and could transform into local hero offering unique creative experiences in inspiring local studios.

     The first set of 37 potential creative activities were found, however, these are villagers who have skills but never imagined that they could become “local artist”. The strategy must first be dedicated to designing unique creative tourism experience. This learning journey is also an empowerment program, resulting in the first “creating creative tourism toolkit” book. This book is now an open-source available for all.

     The model employed in this project is community-based approach, because the central thrust of the program is built “by community for community” to achieve sustainability and to embrace local creativity.

     A collection of creative tourism experience in Thailand will be launched under the campaign “Be local artist for a day”. There are the first set of 17 creative tourism experiences which will be offered by participating hotels in the areas, are now listed on community innovation agency

     These activities will be listed on a boutiquestay platform and will be offered in collaboration with KTC’s credit card holders.

     The project will continue to empower more potential local artists and will announce a new set of collection on an annual basis. The mission set forth in the initiatives is to empower community members in leading sustainable tourism development, to preserve local heritage and to revive endangered ones while providing opportunities for young generation to get involved in the cultural innovation. The aims and objectives of the project were to: (1) engage communities in co-creating creative tourism best practices, (2) build community capability and capacity to maximise benefits from tourism, (3) create local pride and self-sufficiency (4) provide a learning platform for the nation to understand tourism as a tool for community innovation and development, (5) offer a development framework/model for change agencies to engage communities in community-based tourism and creative tourism, (6) create new ways to work across the tourism value chain.

     Are you ready to challenge yourself, revisit who you could potentially be. Our creative space in all villages around Thailand will transform you. Design your experience in all 9 beautiful cities, indulge yourself in a creative space -a unique local studio and talented local artists. Let your creative journey begin.

     Be a local artist for a day!   

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Be a local artist for a day Be a local artist for a day


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๑๑๘/๑ อาคารทิปโก้ ชั้น ๓๐-๓๑ ถนนพระราม ๖ แขวงพญาไท เขตพญาไท กรุงเทพฯ ๑๐๔๐๐

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