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Experience the Wellspring of Life at Phu Luang

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          Join Phuho Ecotour to Ban Nong Bua community in Phu Luang district of Loei province and learn how a local knowledge is transformed into a community product known as “Banana Family” branded banana sticks as well as participating in various interesting activities.

          Amidst the modern world full of changes, it is lovely to find that there is still a quiet and peaceful place surrounded by nature for visitors to relax, taste local dishes, and enjoy pleasurable activities. Phuho Ecotour is a travel program that takes us to experience a new perspective of nature-based tourism. Not only will we get to see lush green forests and fascinating mountains, we will also get to make friends with other trip mates who we’ll spend time with for the next few days.

Learning a Culture of Local Rice Farming

          The rice farming here does not rely on any chemical substances at all. Therefore, you can rest assured that the rice products here are 100% organic and chemical-free. Another interesting rice product from Phuho is “POP Rice” which is full of nutritional benefits. The rice paddy fields of Aunt Pert at Suan Pued Thai (Thai plant garden) have been growing 28 types of rice in the same field, namely Sangyod rice, Riceberry rice, black glutinous rice, Loei red rice, Surin red rice among others. After the fertilization process between rice flower stamen and pistil is completed, rice kernels will be produced and become the nutritious “POP Rice”.

Visiting Ban Nong Bua Archeological Sites

          Loei has always been a city full of ancient histories. A number of artifacts aged more than thousands of years have been discovered in several locations around the province. A sport field of Ban Nong Bua School in Phuho subdistrict of Phu Laung district is another spot where pre-historic human skeletons and artifacts have been found. Other than that, ancient tombs and ornaments such as tiger’s teeth beads, bangles, and other metal utensils are also unearthed. These historic places and artifacts have been protected and conserved as one of the most important archeological sites of the province. These sites are currently open to the public and archeologists for educational and tourism purposes.

Getting closer to nature at Huay Lao Waterfall National Park

          Nature lovers will fall in love with “Huay Lao Waterfall National Park” which covers ranges of limestone and shale rock mountains with luxuriant mixed deciduous forests. There are many interesting sites to visit in the national park such as “Nam Lod Cave”. For those who would like to experience the true beauty of nature, the park also provides camping spaces with bathrooms. However, campers will need to bring their own food and necessities since there are no guest houses and accommodations provided inside the park. If you wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities, this is the perfect place for you.

Banana Family: the Healthy Snacks

          Banana Family is a snack and souvenir shop that is formed by teenagers in the community with purposes to make good use of their time, generate extra incomes for their families, and support local farmers.

          There are a variety of products ranging from banana sticks, banana rolls, banana snacks, and other processed products made of bananas. Moreover, the Banana Family shop has products made by other community members available for sale, making it a market center for visitors to stop by and purchase snacks or other souvenirs. Apart from being another source of income for the community, the Banana Family shop also provides assistance to a volunteer activity of “Savings for the King” public benefit organization.

Experiencing the Local Way of Life at a Homestay

          After a long day full of fun activities, staying in a local homestay is all you need. Here, you will get to live a simple life with a local home owner. If you’re hungry, fret not! The owner will serve you with a number of local dishes made of home-grown ingredients. When you wake up in the morning, you will be greeted with a beautiful view out your window. Go outside for a walk in the sun at a wooden bridge and surround yourself with rice paddy fields. Just sit and look at the rice moving in a gentle breeze and let the wind blow your weariness away. Nothing is more relaxing than this!

Photo: A.Khachachart /

Photo: A.Khachachart /

          The Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) or DASTA (Loei office) has worked with related organizations to develop a tourism management plan and make it more effective. DASTA also encourages foreign expats living in the north Isaan area to travel in Loei and other nearby provinces under a campaign called “Explore the Unseen Thailand” in order to let them get to know the country better.

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