Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

Vision and Mission

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4-year Implementation Plan of DASTA (2019-2022)

“To Become an Organization of Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Development to Create Community of Happiness”

1. To develop model for sustainable Tourism
2. To develop Community-based Tourism management
3. To promote Creative Tourism and enhance community’s economy
4. To collaborate with all sectors to develop capacity for tourism management

Strategy 1: To administrate of designated areas to be sustainable tourism model.
Strategy 2: To develop and support standardized community-based tourism.
Strategy 3: To Integrate, coordinate, and promote participation of all partners in tourism management.
Strategy 4: To drive the organization towards the excellent tourism organization.

1. To develop tourism in the Designated Areas for community of happiness
2. To enhance and distribute income to reduce inequalities through Community-based Tourism
3. To create the model of sustainable tourism development to extend the result in other areas
4. To collaborate with all stakeholders to develop capacity and system of tourism management towards integrated sustainability
5. To develop areas according to the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC)
6. To increase capacity in tourism competitiveness
7. To participate in developing tourism in Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)