Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

Highlight project

Promoting Sustainable Tourism in ASEAN World Heritage Sites with Visitor Management Assessment 1636362000
TOURLINK Moving Thailand tourism towards sustainability through a business led supply chain approach 1636362540
Capacity Building for Tourist Attractions in Designated Areas to Enhance towards International Standards 1636361700
Promoting Creative and Cultural Tourism 1636361400
Promoting Information and Knowledge Services on Sustainable Tourism Development 1636361100
Managing Natural Resources, Environment and Cultural Capital towards Sustainable Tourism 1636360200
Driving Tourism Attractions to UNESCO Creative Cities Network 1629434400
Developing Tourist Attractions Towards "Sustainable Destinations TOP 100" 1629434280
GSTC Criteria for Tourst Destinations Version 2.0 1629434160
"81 CBT Communities" in NEW NORMAL Way 1629382740