Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

Project: Achieving Sustainable Tourism with Intangible Cultural Heritage and Creative City Network in Waterway Cities of ASEAN

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Year: 2023 - 2024

DASTA together with UNESCO and the esteemed partners ASEAN-Türkiye Cooperation, K11, CRIHAP, ONYX Hospitality Group, The City Connext, and BConsulting Cambodia, are co-hosting a networking project that aims at bolstering community-based tourism in the waterway cities of the ASEAN region. This project fosters meaningful dialogues on sustainable tourism.

A series of webinars and an immersive workshop are crafted to enrich travel enterprises and professionals, especially those deeply rooted in community-based tourism within ASEAN. A central feature of this initiative is a focused workshop in the serene Old City of Nan, Thailand, welcoming participants from Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Thailand.

This project consists of:

Webinar 1: Unlocking Potential: Is Community-Based Tourism a Sustainable Business Model in ASEAN Waterway Locales? (24 November 2023)

Webinar 2: Sustainable Gastronomical Experience in UNESCO Locales (3 February 2024) + an immersive workshop in Nan Province (3-7 February 2024)

Webinar 3: Harnessing Digital Tools for Greater Community Involvement in the Tourism Narrative (20 March 2024)

Webinar 4: Sustainable Festival and Event Tourism:  Exploring Strategies for Growth and Development (10 April 2024)

Webinar 5: Sharing Indigenous Stories and Experiences from the Source of Rivers for a More Profound Tourism Journey (29 May 2024)

Webinar 6: Addressing the Challenge of Plastic Use in Travel: From Policy Formulation to Practical Application (19 June 2024)

Additional information: (UNESCO Website)