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Coconuts: Bringing the Liveliness and Vibrance back to Takian Tia Community, Chonburi

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          We focus on “coconuts” at Baan Takian Tia, Bang Lamung district, Chonburi province. The community used its abundant resource of coconuts to develop value-added products, creating a community enterprise which generates sustainable revenue.   

          When thinking of “Pattaya,” the first impressions would be beautiful beaches and the festivities of numerous tourist attractions. The city, however, also holds a community practicing the old-fashioned, traditional lifestyle. Known as Takian Tia, the community developed itself into a tourist attraction which generates sustainable revenue. Moreover, the community has a long history interconnected with coconuts – serving as the last major coconut plantation of Pattaya.

          The rustling of coconut leaves blown by the sea breeze, the sunlight shining from the blue sky through the lush coconut trees, and the fresh, cool air. These are the blessings enjoyed by the Takian Tia locals every morning on clear days. The community promotes the tranquility of its coconut plantations, unique coconut products, and exciting activities to attract tourists. From forgotten coconut plantations which were about to be cleared to construct neighborhoods and factories, the community was able to conserve its traditional lifestyle and develop a cultural tourist attraction site of Pattaya. To understand more about this community, we start by experiencing the activities offered at Takian Tia.

Uncovering the Origin of Chonburi’s Best Coconuts  

          At Takian Tia, visitors can experience the comprehensive lifestyle of coconut farmers. These include breeding coconut species, planting and caretaking coconut trees, releasing wasps to exterminate pests, harvesting produce, peeling coconuts, and extracting coconut meat for selling throughout Chonburi. Other attractions include dessert markets such as Nong Mon Khao Lam Market. The experience will be full of joy and laugher as visitors share experiences with uncles and aunts who own the coconut plantations.

Biking under the Shade of Coconut Trees to explore the Plantations

          The local street winds through the community, covered by the shade of coconut trees and a myriad of plant species. It is ideal for biking to explore the gardens and plantations of the community.

          The first stop of the biking trail is the “Saroj and Waew’s Garden.” Visitors can observe over 10 species of plants and learn how to make their own cold-pressed honey. The journey continues at “Grandma Chuen’s Coconut Plantation.” Owned by “Grandma Chuen,” the kindhearted elder of Takian Tia, the coconut plantation is the home of numerous beautiful horses. Grandma Chuen also lives in a classic wooden house that has endured for over 60 years.  

          The trip concludes at “Suan Fah Sai Aiko,” a large coconut plantation with beautiful landscaping. The venue is ideal for a relaxing stroll, hosting workshops such as folding pandan leaves into roses and crafting souvenirs with coconut shells. Moreover, the plantation is the newest disc golf course in Chonburi and the closest venue to Bangkok. The plantation serves its signature “coconut coffee,” which is fresh coffee topped with coconut foam instead of milk. It is best served when the contents are stirred, creating a warm and smooth taste with coconut aroma which can be enjoyed all day.

Visit Baan Roi Sao (Hundred-Pillar House) and Craft Cloth Bags from Flowers

          The coconut plantation community holds an antique home with a unique design known as “Baan Roi Sao,” which means “Hundred-Pillar House.” The first owner of the house had twins, so the building was renovated to accommodate the larger family. The expansion required many pillars to support the main building, which became the unique feature of this ecotourism attraction in Pattaya. 

          Those who prefer hands-on activities will enjoy numerous workshops offered at “Baan Roi Sao.” One of the workshops will provide visitors with the experience of making their very own cloth bags from flowers. Visitors will enjoy collecting their favorite flowers in the garden near the workshop area. The flowers will be arranged and taped on the cloth bags as an outline. Hit the area with flowers/leaves with a bamboo stick to extract the natural colors onto the surface of the cloth bags. The result is a handmade cloth bag with a unique design unlike any other on earth.   
          Another workshop is handmaking the “Mahode Wreath,” which are colorful paper wreaths used for decorating houses during Buddhist festivals. Other activities include Gua Sha massage, an ancient alternative therapy for improving the body’s circulation, as well as exploring the lush bamboo plantation in the area.

Cooking Local Cuisine and Enjoying the “Keng Kai Kala” with Local Chefs

          Each local community has its own “master chefs.” To prepare exceptional cuisine, the chefs of Takian Tia only select the finest ingredients locally found within the community. The signature menu of Takian Tia is “Keng Kai Kala,” a Thai spicy curry which visitors can enjoy and even try cooking during their visit to the community.  

          The steps to prepare the curry are simple. Collect the ingredients from the garden nearby, such as lemongrass, bird chili, dried chili, hot chili, garlic, kaffir lime, galangal, coriander flowers, and basil flowers. The highlight ingredient is a coconut shell. For the chicken meat, use either domestic foul or broiler. Use a mortar and pestle to mash and mix the ingredients (except the coconut shell and chicken meat) with pepper, salt, and shrimp paste.  

          On a heated stove, roast the curry with oil until the aroma is strong. Add chicken meat and stir-fry until the contents are cooked. Add the coconut shell, stir-fry until the shell softens. Season the curry and add basil leaves. Best served with hot rice, the curry is flavorful with a slightly crispy texture from the ingredients. A slightly sweet taste from the coconut shell enriches the experience.

Homestay – Experience the Simplicity and Peace of Farmers

          Besides the beautiful scenery and diverse activities, the Takian Tia community provides homestays for visitors. The facilities highlight simple beauty and cleanliness in the heart of the coconut plantation. Airconditioning and toiletries are provided.

          Lunches and dinners at the homestay are rich with delicious local cuisine, such as the signature “Keng Kai Kala” curry, stir-fried spicy coconut shell and prawns, pork cowa curry, pineapple – prawns – dried clams – salted eggs curry, seabass and fish sauce with spicy dip, boiled chicken with Salacca, as well as prawns and salted eggs chili paste.  

          The Takian Tia community is one of the tourist attractions of Pattaya that visitors should not miss. Besides the relaxing atmosphere, the venue has many exciting workshops providing new experiences for visitors. The community is ideal for all ages, since walkways and toilets are designed to accommodate the elderly and the disabled. Simple joy and a warm welcome await those who visit Takian Tia community. Visit this charming community near Bangkok to get your dose of joy.  

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