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Ban Nong Thale in Krabi: From Natural Resources to Sustainable Incomes

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          Head down south to Ban Nong Thale in Krabi province, a community bountiful in natural resources, interesting histories, and local ways of life. Many fun-filled activities await you here.

          Ban Nong Thale community is located in Nong Thale subdistrict, Mueang district of Krabi province. This community is surrounded by a natural beauty. A view of a large pond in the midst of a jungle and mountains is such a pleasure to the eyes. The simple and sufficient ways of life of the local people have turned Ban Nong Thale to one of the role model communities in conservative management under the Andaman Coast Tourism Development. In addition, the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) or DASTA (office 9 – Andaman and southern islands) has worked with the community to develop and educate the locals on a community-based tourism.

          “Nong Thale” is a large freshwater pond surrounded by an abundant nature. Nong Thale, in the past, was a deserted area; but later on, the local people have come together to rehabilitate the pond and bring it back to life. Nong Thale community does not look like Krabi that most of us are familiar with. A view of mountain ranges, strange-looking limestones, and a variety of indigenous plants is definitely a fascinating sight to behold.

          The most popular activity here is bamboo rafting which begins very early in the morning so that the visitors can see the sunrise shining in orange all over the sky. Apart from sipping hot coffee and tasting a local breakfast, the visitors will also be serenaded by a sweet-sounding music played by local musicians. Nothing is better than starting off the day with visually and mentally aesthetics.

          There are a couple of interesting things along both sides of Nong Thale. For instance, soil dunes which resemble rocks will show up only once a year during the dry season and “Libong” island which is a small island in the middle of Nong Thale. The raft will stop at Libong island for the visitors to see the beautiful local plants and participate in an egret mobile hanging workshop. This activity is meant to portray a deep connection between the community and the nature since Nong Thale has the highest number of egrets and they are the first group of immigrating herons living in this area.

          For those who prefers adventurous activities, kayaking around Nong Thale is the answer for you. Not only will you get to experience the surrounding nature in different perspectives, if you’re lucky enough, you may also meet an adorable duck family that will become your fellow travelers as well as local guides. Undoubtedly, this will bring smiles and laughter to the tourists and make their trip a memorable one.

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         When midday arrives, it is time to re-fuel with delicious lunch made with locally-sourced ingredients and original recipes at Ban Mai Boran which is a 100-year-old wooden house. This is another stop perfect for the visitors who would like to take some pictures among the greenery and relax under the shade of the old-style house and big trees.

          Ban Nong Thale community welcomes the visitors all year round but the high season would be from the end of November to May. For more information and assistance in travel planning, the visitors can contact 06 1280 1014.

          The success of the community-based tourism in Ban Nong Thale is an outcome of teamwork and cooperation of everyone in the community to develop this giant pond and make it an attractive tourist destination. The abundance of natural resources, local ways of life, and entertaining activities are what makes people come back and generates sustainable incomes to the community.

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