Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

The “Muang Kao, Sukhothai Province” and “Naklua, Chonburi Province” – The Journey to Become the World’s Top 100 Sustainable Tourism Destinations

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          DASTA expedites its development of “Muang Kao subdistrict, Sukhothai province” and “Naklua subdistrict, Pattaya City, Chonburi province” to become the world’s top 100 sustainable tourism destinations. Moreover, DASTA is prepared to nominate “Nan province” and “Suphanburi province” to be considered as members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the year 2021.


          Gp Capt Athikun Kongmee, Director of the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization), or DASTA, discloses the organization’s plans to develop Muang Kao subdistrict of Sukhothai province and Naklua subdistrict, Pattaya City, Chonburi province to successfully become part of the world’s “Sustainable Destinations Top 100” ranking in the year 2021 and 2022, respectively. The Green Destination Standard is used to evaluate the core competencies of Muang Kao subdistrict, Sukhothai province. The subdistrict’s key attractions are at the surrounding communities of the Sukhothai Historical Park World Heritage Site, as well as the traditional “Sukhothai Lifestyle” practiced by the locals. These include weaving textiles, crafting Sangkhalok stoneware, hosting traditional performances, and holding the Loy Kratong ceremony famous among foreign tourists.

Gp Capt Athikun Kongmee

          The “Naklua subdistrict” has core competencies in its infrastructure, beautiful architecture, green areas, old-fashioned atmosphere, unique gastronomy, markets, and the famous “Naklua Walk and Eat Festival.” These factors make the subdistrict well-established to become a leading tourist destination.

          The plans to elevate these tourist destinations of Thailand into the “Sustainable Destinations Top 100” Ranking correspond to the National Strategy to strengthen tourism ecology. Each tourist destination shall be sustainable in the areas of scenery, safety, environment, cultural protection, fair income distribution, and regulations.

          The “Top 100” ranking has a clear standard to assess each tourist destination. In order to qualify, tourist destinations must meet the quantitative and qualitative criteria of the standard. For example, the standard assesses the tourist destination’s competency to operate efficiently under budget, resources, and time constraints. The standard has processes for ranking each destination’s sustainability.

Preparing “Nan” and “Suphaburi” to become UCCN Members

          In the year 2021, DASTA plans to develop and promote “Nan province” and “Suphanburi province” to become members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). Nan shall apply under the Craft and Folk Arts Category, since the province is renowned for handwoven textiles and silverware. DASTA shall collaborate with network organizations, such as the Department of Highways, to renovate handicraft facilities and develop the old city hall building into a “Western Lanna Cultural Learning Center.” The learning center shall be designed by the ideas and inspirations of the new generation.

          Suphanburi province shall apply for the UCCN under the “Music City” category, since its core competency lies in its strong cultural foundation in music. The province has unique arts, local music, and dialect. It is also the hometown of Thailand’s famous musicians, ranging from experts and national artists to new generation performers. Suphanburi produces popular folksongs and contemporary music, including the traditional “Choi” and “Esaew” genres which are local heritages passed down throughout the generations. 

          DASTA is also promoting the city of “Pattaya,” Chonburi province, to enter the UNESCO Creative Cities Network under the “Film” category. The city is expected to be ready for applying in the year 2027.

          Pattaya’s core competencies include its strong identity, cultural resources, and activities as a city. It produces high quality films in the upstream and midstream levels. The city has venues ideal for filming, coupled by a variety of investment opportunities. Moreover, Pattaya’s hotels and convention centers make the city well-prepared to accommodate international conferences and film festivals – serving as a city which interconnects with film industry marketing activities. These factors make Pattaya suitable to apply for the UCCN under the “Film” category.