Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

Wind Down in a Sand Bath at Thap Sakae in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

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          There is no denying that the sea in Thailand – both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand - are so beautiful and fascinating that Thai and foreign tourists keep coming back to visit.


          If talking about seaside provinces and attractions in Thailand, most people will think about Phuket, Krabi, Samui Island, Phangnga, Pattaya, Bang Saen, to name a few, as these places have been well-known and favored by the tourists for a long time. But we are going to take you to another beautiful beach that not a lot people know or have heard of. Here, at Haad Son Beach in Ban Thung Pradu community, Thap Sakae district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province, you will find a peaceful untouched beach. Villagers of Ban Thung Pradu community love and cherish their natural resources so much that they limit the number of tourists to only 30 – 40 people at a time. With this effective tourism management, the villagers can create a perfect balance in natural resources and environment and protect them from being destroyed by humans.


          Mr. Sujin Meepradit, director of operations for DASTA office 8 under the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) or DASTA, has stated that Haad Son Beach in Ban Thung Pradu community is not only known for its spectacular sea, but it also has a beautiful beach full of white crystalline sand stretching as far as the eye can see. The grains of sand here are said to have several kinds of minerals such as silicate, calcium carbonate, phosphate, and sulfur. Plus, the sand here does not give any stickiness as you may feel from other beaches. Most importantly, these minerals found in the sand of Haad Son Beach are backed by a research that they have abilities to absorb toxins and relieve some illnesses.

Mr. Sujin Meepradit


          Thus, the villagers of Ban Thung Pradu community have organized a wellness tourism activity for the visitors to take part in. This activity is called a “sand bath” or “sand spa”. It is part of the local knowledge that has been passed down from generations. The sand bath is believed to help relieve stress and fatigue, stimulate the circulatory system, alleviate dry beriberi or numbness, paresis, and paralysis. It also helps absorb toxins and detoxify them from your body as well as releasing a lochia from a woman after pregnancy.

          Before doing the sand bath, it is highly recommended for the visitors to drink a coconut water served by the villagers. This is because the visitors will have to lie down on the sand holes under the sun and it could cause them to dehydrate. Besides, the coconut water has an enzyme which will turn into anions when combined with a gastric acid in the stomach. This enzyme will then stimulate a detoxification process by the liver. After 30 minutes, the visitors can get out of the sand holes and just wipe the sand off their bodies. Unlike the sand from other beaches, the sand from Haad Son Beach will not stick to the skin; hence, there is no need to take a shower after taking the sand bath. The activity does not end here. The visitors will also receive a Thai massage service for an ultimate relaxation.


          Apart from the sand bath, Ban Thung Pradu community also offers a sailing activity which follows in the footsteps of the King Rama IX and is perfect for adventure seekers. A sailing instructor, who lives in the community, is a former member of the national youth sailing team. Therefore, the visitors can rest assured that they will be taught to maneuver a sail boat by a professional. The small sail boat can carry an entire family of the visitors with a fee of 300 baht per person. This activity has been fun-filled and created an excitement and an impressiveness to the visitors of all ages. This community has received positive feedbacks from the visitors thanks to a variety of the activities – both health-related and adventurous – and most of them have promised to come back again.

          Ban Thung Pradu community is ready to welcome the visitors who are interested in the natural treatment of the sand spa or the exciting sailing activity or both. If you would like to witness the abundance of natural resources and experience the ways of life of the local fishermen and farmers, this community won’t let you down.