Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

Experience Unseen Aspects of Ban Kok Khrai in Phang Nga Province

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          Witness the charm and wonder of Ban Kok Khrai community in Phang Nga province. Learn about how this small village turns local fishery into sustainable incomes.

          Ban Kok Khrai community is a charming small village of fishermen. It is situated in Marui subdistrict, Thap Put district of Phang Nga province. Aside from a fantastic view of the ocean, visitors can also experience traditional ways of fishing together with sightseeing the wonderful nature. The Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) or DASTA has closely worked with its network in the region to develop and drive Ban Kok Khrai to become one of the role model communities under the Andaman Coast Tourism Development. Plus, they have also come up with a number of activities for the visitors to take part in and learn about the community.


Relax and Chill Out in a Natural Spa at Nam Ron Beach

          Nam Ron Beach is located at the border of Phang Nga and Krabi provinces. The first step of a mud spa is to dip your legs into the warm mud for about 10 – 15 minutes. Then, keep pacing on the warm sand to stimulate blood flow and circulation. The second step is mud masking. The mud used in the spa is dug from peat 1-meter deep underneath the ground since it is the cleanest and the most beneficial mud. Once the mud is completely dry, wash it off with lukewarm water from ditches and wash again with clean freshwater. This activity is open for the visitors all year round; nevertheless, it can be done only for 10 days in a month during low tide.

Source the Best Ingredients from the Sea

          At Marui Canal, on the border of Phang Nga and Krabi provinces, the visitors can learn how to grope clams. This is what the local people have long been doing to make a living. Moreover, the visitors will be taught to use fish nets and fish traps as well as fishing around the community’s area.


Make New Friends with Red Land Crabs

          At the lowest tide on Tang Lane Beach, it is time for an army of more than ten thousand red land crabs to find some food. These red crabs are a little shy because they will hide underneath the sand when the visitors come to take a closer look of them. A cast of red crabs is not a sight you can see every day. It is recommended to contact the community at 08 7886 0465 (Somporn) before visiting to arrive at a perfect time and get a better experience.

Hop on a Kayak to Explore the Local Ecosystem

          Enjoy kayaking and sightseeing a beautiful scenery of the sea at Phang Nga Bay and a mangrove forest. A local tour guide will take you to experience the traditional ways of fishing and learn about an oyster farming. One of the highlights is to taste fresh oysters. Squeeze some lime, add some spicy seafood sauce, and into your mouth it goes! If you are a fan of oysters, this is not to be missed for any reasons!

Taste Delicious and Famous Local Dishes

          Ban Kok Khrai Production Promotion Women Group has sourced the best local ingredients and processed them into OTOP products under the brand “Sab Samut” which are quality-guaranteed and generate incomes to the community. There are a variety of products to choose from such as hand-made chili paste, hand-made shrimp paste, Thai herb roasted shrimps, to name just a few.

          All of these places, activities, and local menus cannot be developed and become well-known if people in the community are not helping one another. Ban Kok Khrai in Phang Nga province is one of the Andaman pearls that awaits you to come see with your own eyes and experience its true hidden gems.

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