Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

Website Policy

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Website Policy of Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

1. Objectives

Special Area Development Administration Organization for Sustainable Tourism (Public Organization) or DASTA has created DASTA website to provide information services to the public and personnel under DASTA. The user's use of the website service is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this document. Therefore, users should study the conditions. and terms of use of the website and/or any other terms of agreement that DASTA has informed on the website in detail before using the service However, in using the service, it is deemed that the service user agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of service set forth herein. If the user does not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions of service, Please stop visiting and using this website immediately.


2. Terms and conditions of use of the website

2.1 Users may receive, access, create, transmit or display information such as data files, written text, software, music, audio or other audio files, photographs, videos or other images. as part of the Service or through the use of the Service. hereinafter referred to as “content”.

2.2 Content presented to users may be protected by the intellectual property rights of the content owners. The user has no right to make changes. Distribute, distribute or create derivative works based on such content. whether in whole or in part unless expressly authorized by the user of the content owner.

2.3 Users may find content that is inappropriate or vulgar which causes dissatisfaction. under their own risk.

2.4 DASTA has the right to screen, review, mark change, amend, reject or remove any. content Inappropriate content from the service, which DASTA may use tools to screen the content clearly. without contravening the relevant government laws, rules and regulations.

2.5 DASTA may temporarily or permanently suspend its services. or cancel the service to any specific user If the said service affects other users of the service or contradicting the law without having to notify the service user in advance.

2.6 The cessation or termination of the service under Clause 2.5, the subscriber will not be able to access the service. and access the user's account details any document file or other content that is in the user's account.

2.7 In the event that DASTA permanently stops providing services or cancel the service to the service users. DASTA has the right to delete various information. that is in the user's account without having to notify the service user in advance


3. Rights, duties and responsibilities of service users

3.1 The user will provide information about himself/herself such as identification information or contact details that are accurate, true and always up-to-date to DASTA as part of the service registration process. or continued use of the service.

3.2 The user will use the service of this website. in accordance with the purposes permitted under the provisions of the DASTA and not contrary to the law, rules, regulations, regulations, generally accepted practices.

3.3 The User will not access or attempt to access any Service by any other means. including the use of automated methods (scripting) other than the channels provided (name of organization /website) unless the user has been authorized by the DASTA to do so.

3.4 The service user will not act or participate in interfering with or disrupting the services of DASTA, including the servers and networks connected to the service.

3.5 The User shall not copy, copy, duplicate, sell, trade or resell the Service for any purpose. Unless the service user has been expressly authorized by the DASTA to do so.

3.6 The user is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the password associated with any account. used to access the service.

3.7 The user will be solely responsible to any person, including DASTA, for damages arising from the violation of the terms.


4. Links to other websites

4.1 Links to other websites are only providing services for the convenience of users only. DASTA is not involved in or has the authority to control, certify the accuracy, reliability, as well as responsibility for the content of the information of the website. and DASTA is not responsible for any content displayed on other websites linked to DASTA website or for any damages incurred from visiting such websites.

4.2 In case of wanting to link to DASTA website, users can link to the home page of DASTA website by requesting in writing. But if you want to link to the internal pages of this website Must have obtained the consent in writing from DASTA only and in giving such consent, DASTA reserves the right to stipulate any conditions as well. DASTA is not responsible for any content. displayed on the linked website. or for any damages arising from the use of those websites.



5.1 DASTA will not be liable for any damages, including damages, losses and expenses incurred, whether directly or indirectly. resulting from or in connection with the user's access to this website or the websites linked to it; or to damage Losses or expenses arising from failure to operate, errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, incompleteness Computer virus, although DASTA has been informed that it may be damaged. such losses or expenses incurred In addition, the name of the organization/website DASTA shall not be liable to the users of the website or any person from any claims arising out of the website. or any content, including any decision or action resulting from the website user's reliance on such content. or in any damage, whether direct or indirect damage, including any other damage that may occur by the user, accepting and realizing that DASTA is not responsible for any actions of the user.


6. Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights

6.1 DASTA or DASTA grantor has the sole legal right in all ownership and interests. including any intellectual property rights contained in the service provided by DASTA or the licensor of DASTA is prepared whether those rights are registered or not.

6.2 Users must not disclose information that DASTA has designated as confidential. without prior written consent from DASTA.

6.3 Users must not use a trade name. trademark Service mark, logo, domain name of DASTA without the written consent of DASTA.


7. Governing Law

7.1 Interpretation and enforcement of these Terms of Service to be in accordance with Thai law