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Privacy Policy of Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

Special Area Development Administration Organization for Sustainable Tourism (Public Organization) or DASTA has prepared this privacy policy. To protect personal information of all users (Personal Information) who contact DASTA website as follows.


Collection of personal information

1. For the convenience of providing services to all users who use the website, DASTA, therefore, has collected your personal information such as your E-mail, name, address or work Address, zip code and telephone number, etc.

2. In the event that sign up to apply for membership or to use any of the services, DASTA website will collect your important personal information such as Name-Surname and E-mail.

3. In addition, to survey the popularity of the service This will be useful in using statistics to improve the quality of service of the website. DASTA therefore needs to collect some additional information about you, such as IP address, type of program browser, domain name, record the web page of the website that the user visits. Time of visiting the website (Access Times) and the website previously accessed by the user (Referring Website Addresses).

4. DASTA recommends that you check the Privacy Policy of other websites linked from this website in order to know and understand that such websites collect. How do you use or process your personal information? or certify any action as announced on the said website and does not accept any responsibility If those websites do not operate or operate in accordance with the privacy protection policy announced by the said website.


Use of personal information

1. DASTA will use your personal information as necessary, such as your name and e-mail address for contacting, providing public relations services. or provide information including surveying your opinions in the activities or activities of DASTA only.

2. DASTA hereby certifies that your personal information collected by DASTA website will not be used. To sell or distribute to third parties is strictly prohibited. unless authorized by you only.

3. In the case that DASTA has hired other agencies to process your personal data, such as delivery of postal parcels. and statistical analysis of the business or activities of the DASTA website, etc. DASTA will determine the contracting agency to do so. Keep the confidentiality and security of your personal information. and set a prohibition against the use of such personal data other than the activities or activities of DASTA.


Right to control your personal data

For the benefit of maintaining your privacy have the right to choose to use or share your personal data or may choose not to receive any information or marketing materials from the DASTA website, please fill out the said intent form to notify DASTA by electronic mail.


Security for personal information

For the benefit of confidentiality and security of your personal information, DASTA has established rules within the agency to determine the right to access or use personal information. and to maintain the confidentiality and security of certain information is extremely important and DASTA has provided a secure communication channel for such information by encrypting such information such as To use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol, etc.


Use of cookies

Cookies” are information that the DASTA website sends to the web browser of the user. And when such information is installed in your system, if "cookies" are used, the DASTA website will be able to record or remember the user's information. until the user exits the website browsing program or until the user deletes the "cookie" or does not allow the "cookie" to work anymore. If you choose to use "cookies", you will be more comfortable browsing the website. Because "cookies" will help to remember the websites you visit or visit. DASTA will use the information that "cookies" have recorded or collected. to be used in statistical analysis or in other activities of the DASTA website to further improve the service quality of the DASTA website.


Updates to the Privacy Policy

DASTA may update or amend the privacy policy. Without notifying you in advance, for the suitability and efficiency of the service, DASTA recommends that users read the privacy protection policy every time they visit. or using services from the DASTA website.


Compliance with personal data protection policy and contact with DASTA

In case you have any questions, suggestions or comments About Privacy Policy or compliance with this privacy policy, DASTA is happy to answer any questions. listen to suggestions and all the comments This will be useful to improve the service of the website in the future. You can contact DASTA at the address shown below.


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