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DASTA's CBT Integrated Curriculum won PATA Gold Awards 2021

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DASTA’s Certificate in CBT Integrated wins PATA Gold Awards 2021

“DASTA CBT Integrated Curriculum: The Training for Community-based Tourism Stakeholder Empowerment”
Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), Thailand

          “DASTA CBT Integrated Curriculum: The training for Community-based tourism stakeholder empowerment (Certificate in CBT Integrated)” has won PATA Gold Awards 2021. The project has been developed from over 10 years of DASTA’s working experiences in developing the sustainable community-based tourism in Thailand. The lessons learned from field work, knowledge, case studies and guidelines are included within the accessible and practical curriculum. Having been contributing to mentoring communities, Office of Community-based Tourism has extracted lessons learned from working experiences in the community-based tourism development in designed areas and other areas across Thailand under the concept “To develop tourism, working together is the answer”, resulting the Certificate in Community-Based Tourism Management - CBT Integrated.

        The curriculum focuses on Human Capital Development of stakeholders from all sectors, including public, private and academic sectors, and communities in order to create synergy to develop sustainable community-based tourism under the concept of Co-Creation: Co-thinking, Co-planning, Co-acting, Co-responsible, Co-benefiting, and Co-ownership. Moreover, the certificate in CBT Integrated encourages stakeholders, who contribute to community-based tourism development, to apply knowledge and expand the results across the country, leading to the benefit for communities as the most essential base. Moreover, new tourism communities will be strong with the community management and be prepared to step forward to the goals of stability, wealth and sustainability.

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