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Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories 2021

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Sukhothai and Nan Selected as Top 100 Global Sustainable Destinations 2021

     In 2021, 2 development areas of DASTA, Mueang Kao subdistrict in Sukhothai province, and Nai Wiang subdistrict in Nan province, are selected as parts of “Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories”. It is the second consecutive year for Nai Wiang subdistrict to receive the honor to be a part of Top 100 award. 

     The Top 100 award is organized annually by Green Destinations Foundation in the Netherlands together with ITB Berlin to collect sustainable tourism stories and good practices from destinations all over the world to be shared as inspiration to tourism entrepreneurs and tourists across the world, enhancing the marketing recognition and attracting more quality visitors to the site. The stories of each selected sites will encourage the acknowledgement and recognition for destination management organizations for the solutions they have implemented in response to challenges and problems they have faced. Though the selection of the Top 100 list does not ensure the sustainability of the destination, it is certain that the destination has at least achieved the minimum level of compliance with the core criteria of the Green Destinations Standard and has been listed based on the assessment of their Good Practice Story.

     The uniqueness of Sukhothai is the eco-friendly historic sites as the first in Thailand to concern about ecosystem and pollution management while Nan old city with its authenticity has achieved ASEAN Clean Tourist Standard in 2018. One of the criteria of the selection of Top 100 Global Sustainable Destinations is the uniqueness in terms of culture and way of life, and the standard of management and service which DASTA has been supporting all designated areas.