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DASTA Holds a Training Session to Raise Awareness Regarding Creative Community-based Tourism at Kra Sae Bon Community, Rayong

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DASTA held a training session to raise awareness regarding creative community-based tourism

at Kra Sae Bon Community, Rayong

On January 10th - 11th, 2022, the Office of the Designated Area 3, in cooperation with the Office of Community Based Tourism, held a training session to raise awareness in creative community-based tourism at the community of Kra Sae Bon, Klang District, Rayong Province. On the occasion, Mr. Sutharak Soonthornwipat, the Managing Director of the Office of Designated Area 3, delivered an opening speech, welcoming participants from Ta Kien Tia Community, Sri Chang Community, Kra Sae Bon Community, Pak Nam Pra Sae Community. Subsequently, Mrs. Prapassorn Wattanaputi, the Head of Creative Tourism and Community Based Tourism Officer, gave a presentation on the case study of creative tourist route design with the focus on the flow of activity and the applied theater activity. 

The objective of this training session was to raise awareness and preparedness in community-based tourist activities through the development of creative tourism, with the expected outcomes that the communities would apply the knowledge learned in activity design and tell stories to be in alignment with the local atmospheres, leading to successfully devising interesting tourist activities in the future.