Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)

Tourism activities and attractions

Sangkhalok – the Unique Handicraft of Sukhothai creating Sustainable Income 1625732040
The “Muang Kao, Sukhothai Province” and “Naklua, Chonburi Province” – The Journey to Become the World’s Top 100 Sustainable Tourism Destinations 1625820480
“Sukhothai” - More than a “World Heritage Site” 1625658720
Interconnected Tourism – Experience the Local Lifestyle 1625806080
“Sukhothai Woven Fabric”: Weaving a Local Knowledge into Unique Handicrafts 1625727540
Na Chung Keeree: A Foothill Community Full of Fun Activities 1625728620
The “Tan Ta Wen” Handcrafted Flowers and the “Ngu Ngab Kayab Kor” Handcrafted Trigger Finger Therapy Equipment – The Signature Products of the Tai Krang Nong Aor Community, Sukhothai Province 1625729400
Taste Local Cuisine All in One Place at Nakhon Chum 1625731380
10 Sukhothai - Kamphaeng Phet Traditional Dishes: An Original Recipe for Flavorsome Deliciousness 1625717400